Tempor(e)alities: An Urban Palimpsest

AA Diploma 2 2017/ 2018

Tempor(e)alities: An Urban Palimpsest is a 3 dimensional digital immersive and inhabitable archive where digital information of our lost pasts (eg lost facades of buildings) is spatialised and overlaid onto the present physical environment.

The project is about immersing into this spatialised digital information through the technology of Augmented Reality (AR), thus removing the interface of the screen of our phones and computers, to create a fully immersive environment to experience this information. Thus, with the pasts and presents co-existing in the same space, it will highlight the sedimentation and eradication of histories, facilitate a better understanding and knowledge of our city, and increase our awareness of the lost layers of the city through multiple trajectories and narratives to be experienced and explored.