Mock Finland Forest

AA Intermediate 9 2013/ 2014

In this Mock Finland Forest, it is where nature artificial and artificial nature is made, blurring the boundaries between the artificial and the natural. This ambiguous in-between creates a Wonderland in this artificially natural forest, in a three mile long line that connects Toppila to the heart of Oulu, passing through whatever lies in its way except for Aalto’s interventions in Oulu.

This proposal is based on a simple decision: to plant the beauty of the wilderness (Nellim) in Oulu (our very doors) to achieve the lingering ‘forest dream’ that Aalto is so fond of.

Mock Finland Forest can be read as a whole with the character of an urban landscape, but also could be read as a piece of the city, composed of a myriad of synchronized entities, extracted from a line in the wilderness and transplanted into Oulu.